Can i buy lasix over the counter in australia ? [ 2016.10.12 20:45:48 ] Phoen X > XxJaNxX lol. [ 2016.10.12 20:45:51 ] stoltzmaan > we all lost that ISK on the site. [ 2016.10.12 20:45:53 ] Phoen X > IWI did [ 2016.10.12 20:45:54 ] stoltzmaan > :P [ 2016.10.12 20:45:55 ] Vickran > so, im a banker, and i still dont have my isk [ 2016.10.12 20:46:00 ] XxJaNxX > I want my 500b of plex back please :D [ 2016.10.12 20:46:01 ] XxJaNxX > D: [ 2016.10.12 20:46:04 ] Phoen X > lol [ 2016.10.12 20:46:04 ] Squish Padecain > the bankers were given 10% raffles for winning the raffle [ 2016.10.12 20:46:07 ] GigaIndy > it's been almost a month [ 2016.10.12 20:46:10 ] GigaIndy > this is all new to us [ 2016.10.12 20:46:11 ] Vickran > well its been over a year [ 2016.10.12 20:46:17 ] Sebas Olgidar > [ 2016.10.12 20:46:22 ] Drill Mole > XxJaNxX i dont see your 400b on api [ 2016.10.12 20:46:22 ] Lilly Arjar > Phoen X it's all new to me as well. I had no idea IWI allowed gambling. [ 2016.10.12 20:46:25 ] Drill Mole > XxJaNxX u have no isk to pay [ 2016.10.12 20:46:28 ] XxJaNxX > i wold like to see the 400b.DONT WAIT!!!!!! [ 2016.10.12 20:46:28 ] MorganSG82 > XxJaNxX it was a mistake [ 2016.10.12 20:46:28 ] Dark Sisk Banker > the bankers were given a 15% rakeback on the raffles [ 2016.10.12 20:46:28 ] Drill Mole > x [ 2016.10.12 20:46:36 ] XxJaNxX > I have 100% on api now cuz of this [ 2016.10.12 20:46:40 ] CherryGalaxy > x [ 2016.10.12 20:46:40 ] Commander Khamsi > bankers werent told how much isk they had on at the start [ 2016.10.12 20:46:40 ] Sebas Olgidar > Lilly Arjar but bankers were given an option, they could have kept the ISK and just holding on to the promos until they could return them, right? [ 2016.10.12 20:46:44 ] Sebas Olgidar > or no, take it all? [ 2016.10.12 20:46:51 wegmans pharmacy generic price list ] XxJaNxX > I just lost 400 b [ 2016.10.12 20:47:03 ] Phoen X > GigaIndy you had no rights to ask anything about the raffles [ 2016.10.12 20:47:06 ] Drill Mole > ccp took your 500b [ 2016.10.12 20:47:07 ] XxJaNxX > and that is it. [ 2016.10.12 20:47:08 ] Dark Sisk Banker > Lilly Arjar CCP took everything. [ 2016.10.12 20:47:16 ] XxJaNxX > ccp stole all i ever did [ 2016.10.12 20:47:17 ] Sebas Olgidar > well that's a pretty big difference [ 2016.10.12 20:47:19 ] Lilly Arjar > But they didn't take your ISK, took the ISK from IWI corp.

Wegmans pharmacy generic price list

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